Friday, 17 May 2019

Q.Club Summer Open Handicap

At this time of the year we always like to give something back to the players who played in any of our regular £20 competitions, Handicap, B2, B1/B2 and B3 throughout the year.
Last year we ran a Summer League, with £800 prize money, which was successful to a point. However feedback from players was that this format was too long for the summer months plus many matches can turn meaningless with players not playing them which in turn can mess up the Group.
This year we have decided to run an Open Handicap competition but for the first time we will be using a Double Elimination format.
This will run from 4th June to the end of August so no pressure to play matches and something to keep the arm going with a guaranteed minimum 2 matches.
The club will provide a £1000 Prize Pot and there will be FREE entry for anyone who has played in any £20 competition from September 2018. (Also Open to anyone else at a cost of £20 with money going into pot)
Full details are on the poster above and the draw will take place on Sunday 2nd June. Players eligible for free entry as follows -
1. Keith Agnew
2. Jim Allen
3. James Atcheson
4. Richard Bamber
5. Joe Bell
6. Ian Boal
7. Corey Burleigh
8. Colin Campbell
9. Neil Campbell
10. Chris Carson
11. Raymond Cheung
12. Alan Corrigan
13. Sean Davison
14. Kenny English
15. Gareth Fears
16. Girvin Fleming
17. Kenny Geddis
18. Jim Gilchrist
19. Marty Goudie
20. Paddy Graham
21. Eddie Gribben
22. Francis Gribben
23. Lee Gribben
24. Tam Hagan
25. Stevie Hamilton
26. Ruairi Hamilton
27. Kenny Hastings
28. Paul Harris
29. Robert Hawkins
30. Phil Haveron
31. Steven higgins
32. Lee Hogg
33. Stuart Houston
34. Mark Hughes
35. Andy Hunter
36. Alex Irvine
37. William Irvine
38. Bryan Joesph
39. Alan Johnston
40. Craig Johnston
41. Sammy Johnston
42. Mary Jo McCourt
43. Michael Kane
44. Ryan Kane 
45. Tiaran Kelly
46. Craig Laughlin
47. Wayne Lewis
48. Darren Lowe
49. Andy Mackey
50. Dale Magill
51. Davy Magill
52. John Magill
53. Willie Magill
54. Hugo Manson
55. Ryan Marcus
56. Ellis Martin
57. Ryan Martin
58. Conor Matthews
59. Kieran McAlister
60. Paul McAlister
61. Shaun McAlister
62. Ian McCalmont
63. Paul McCann
64. Ronan McCarthy
65. Nick McClay
66. Tyler McConnell
67. Gordy McCormick
68. Lee McCormick
69. Anthony McCorry
70. Gerry McCorry
71. Liam McCorry
72. Natalie McCullough
73. Dean McDonagh
74. Rodney McIlhinney
75. Lee McIlreavey
76. Bill McIlroy sr
77. Jean Mcilroy
78. Alphonsus McIlwaine
79. Neil McFaul
80. Tyler McKee
81. Neil McKelvey
82. Danny McKendry
83. Ryan McKillop
84. Rab McMaw
85. Andy McWilliams
86. Barry Mills
87. James Mundell
88. Ben Munn
89. Johnny Nelson
90. Sam Newell
91. Micky O’Boyle
92. Ciaran O’Toole
93. Kieran Paden
94. Joe Patton
95. Gary Peoples
96. Jordan Peoples
97. Stephen Peoples
98. Colin Rafferty
99. Ciaran Reid
100. Mark Richardson
101. Aaron Rolston
102. Ryan Scott
103. Stephen Spence
104. Greg Stevenson
105. Lenny Swan
106. Jason Tweedy
107. Gary Wallace
108. Aaron Watters
109. Paul Watters
110. Derek Whiteside
111. Trevor Whiteside
112. Mark Wilson
113. Michael Wilson
114. Rab Wilson
115. Liam Young
116. Thomas Fleming

Thursday, 16 May 2019

End of Season Consolation Cup Semi Finals

Premier Cup (Teams finishing 6th-9th)
Station Bar 8-3 Blues
Clonlee 7-8 Q.Club
Final - Thursday 23rd May (8.15pm)
Station Bar V Q.Club

Q.Club Cup (Teams finishing 10th -12th)
Lorraine's 8-6 Thatch Rockets
Freewheelers V Bye
Final - Saturday 25th May (6.00pm)
Lorraine's V Freewheelers

The date has also been confirmed for our Knock Out Cup Final as follows -

Knock Out Cup Final - Thursday 23rd May (8.15pm)
Q.Tips V St Comgalls

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Prizegiving Night change of date

Our 2018-2019 League Prizegiving Night has been moved forward 24 hours to Thursday 30th May. It will incorporate the Players Memorial Shield Team Event which kicks off at 8.00pm. More details to follow.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

SKC GAMING 2019 Three A Sides

It's well done to Gerry & The Peacemakers (Gerry McCorry, Bill McIlroy Sr, Ryan Marcus & Anthony McCorry) who won the 2019 League Three A Sides today, Saturday 27th April. After making their way to the Final they faced the Ibrox 158s (Kenny English, Stephen McWhirter & Robert Hawkins) and after a tense exciting match Gerry & The Pacemakers took the title by a 10-7 scoreline, Ryan Marcus winning the all important Frame 17. Thanks go to our Event sponsor SKC GAMING and to the Q.Club for hosting the event.

Gerry & The Peacemakers 6-3 Chalk Er Up
Chalk Er Up 7-2 Q. Club
Gerry & The Peacemakers 4-4 Q.Club

Freewheelers 5-4 Slabs Army
Ibrox 6-3 Slabs Army
Ibrox 5-2 Freewheelers

Clonlee All Stars 7-2 Clonlee
Clonlee 5-4 Blues
Clonlee All Stars 5-4 Blues

Rodney's Rascals 4-5 Joe's Heroes
Joe's Heroes 3-6 Rodney's Rascals

Ibrox 158s 10-4 Clonlee
Rodney's Rascals 6-10 Gerry & The Peacemakers

Gerry & The Peacemakers 10-7 Ibrox 158s

G&TP G&TP 158s 158s 158s 158s 158s G&TP G&TP G&TP G&TP G&TP G&TP 158s G&TP 158s G&TP

Top photo -
Winners, Bill McIlroy Sr, Gerry McCorry, Anthony McCorry & Ryan Marcus

Bottom photo
Runners Up, Kenny English, Stephen McWhirter & Robert Hawkins

Friday, 26 April 2019

2019 League Three-A-Sides

12 teams will compete in 4 Groups of 3 with the top teams in each Group going forward into the Semi Final Knock Out stage. Draw for Groups will be made at 12.45pm on Saturday.

Q Club (Darren Lowe)
Joe's Heroes (Joe Bell)
Ibrox 158s (Robert Hawkins)
Clonlee (Francis Gribben)
Blues (Ian McCalmont)
Slabs Army (Nick McClay)
Q. Supremes (Alex Irvine)
Clonlee All stars (Liam Young)
Chalk Er Up (Shaun McAlister
Rodney’s Rascals (Rodney McIlhinney)
Freewheelers (Phil Haveron)
Gerry and the Peacemakers (Ryan Marcus)

What - SKC GAMING sponsored Larne League 2019 Three-A-Sides
When - Saturday 27th April
Time - 1.00pm start (Club open at 12.00 noon)
Where - Q.Club
Cost - £10 per team
Played to a finish - Yes
Dress code - Casual
Open to - League registered players or anyone with a BT40 postcode
Matches - 9 Frames
Break - Players lag for break every frame
Playing order - Toss a coin before match to determine left or right hand side of scorecard
Reserve player - Teams can only use any 3 players per match
TDs - Decision final
Team make up - A team can be made up of players from different bars/clubs

In the photo - 2018 Champions ""The Hatchet Men"" Ellis Martin, Ryan Marcus and Stuart Houston

Knock Out Cup Semi Final Results

Knock Out Cup Semi Finals

Thursday 25th April 2019

Q.Club 1-8 Q.Tips 
St Comgalls 8-3 Q.Stars 

Two tight Semi Finals were expected but it didn't pan out that way as Q.Tips and St Comgalls made their ways to the Final with emphatic wins over Q.Club and Q.Stars respectively. Hugo Mansons Q.Tips raced into a 3-0 lead before Q.Club replied but it was to be their only frame and Tips took their place in the Final after running off the next five racks including the all important ninth courtesy of Steven Carson. And it was a similar story in the other Semi, Paul McAlister's St Comgalls went 2-0 up before conceding and then they also ran off five on the trot to lead 7-1. Q.Stars rallied to reduce the arrears to 7-3 but Dean McDonagh confirmed St Comgalls place in the Final by winning rack eleven.

Should be a cracking Final on Saturday May 25th, (time TBC) as 2nd in the League takes on 3rd, all welcome down to watch.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Results from Thursday 18th April

League Week 22 - Final League Fixture - Thursday 18th April

Ibrox 5-10 Five
St Comgalls 11-4 Blues
Q.Stars 7-9 Clonlee
Station Bar 9-6 Lorraine's 
Q.Tips 11-4 Q.Club
Freewheelers 5-10 Thatch Rockets

The Larne & District Pool League 2018-2019 season drew to an end with tonights fixtures and newly crowned Champions Team Five travelled up to the Rangers Club to take on Ibrox to try and finish the campaign unbeaten. And they done just that winning the match in style 10-5 with session scores of 4-1, 3-3 and 3-2. St Comgalls fantastic season culminated with a 2nd placed finish, Paul McAlister's lads seeing off the Blues with an 11-4 scoreline. The damage was done early on as the hosts stormed into a 7-0 lead with the next eight frames shared. What an end of season Clonlee had, once the League's whipping boys Francie Gribben's team finished off with four wins out of the last five fixtures including tonights 9-7 away win over Q.Stars courtesy of a Play Off Frame success. Hugo Manson's Q.Tips finished the season in a credible third position after an 11-4 win over Q.Club, session scores were 5-0, 4-1 and 2-3 in Q.Tips favour. Basement side Lorraine's put up a strong showing away to Micky O'Boyle's Station Bar, they led 2-0 and were level at 5-5 after the 2nd session but the Railwaymen took the last session 4-1 to secure both points. And last but not least Ali Law's Thatch Rockets travelled the short distance to Freewheelers and came away with a solid 10-5 win, session scores were 3-2, 3-2 and 4-1.

Full table on LeagueAppLive

It's another title for Johnny Nelson as the Team Five cue man hit 82.00% this season to finish ahead of Dean McDonagh (St Comgalls) 76.56% and Chris Carson (Q.Tips) 73.02%. It's Johnny's fifth win in the last seven seasons, a great showing indeed. But he was pushed all the way by the ever consistent Dean McDonagh and attack minded Chris Carson. Can Nelson make it a double hat trick of successes next season ?

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Results from Thursday 11th April

League Week 21

Blues 6-9 Q.Tips
Clonlee 1-14 Freewheelers
Thatch Rockets 10-5 Lorraine's
Q.Club 8-8 Q.Stars
Five 9-7 St Comgalls
Ibrox 10-5 Station Bar


It is official !!!!!! Bryan McWhirter's Team Five are the new Larne League Champions. In their match tonight against nearest challengers St Comgalls they could afford to lose as long as they reached five frames. But in a cracking game that went all the way to the Play Off Frame they came out 9-7 winners. Recently crown League Individual Champion Bill McIlroy Sr secured both points in that sixteenth rack but it had earlier fallen to Shaun McAlister in Frame 10 to pot the Championship winning black and he duly obliged. Bryan has now won the last six League Championships on the trot, a great achievement indeed.

Elsewhere, Ibrox beat Station Bar 10-5 in the Rangers Club. The hosts raced into a quick fire 5-1 lead and never looked back, session scores were 4-1, 3-2 and 3-2. Q.Stars fought back from 6-8 down in their derby match against Q.Club to secure a point in an 8-8 draw with Eddie Gribben being the man of the moment in Frame 16. Hugo Manson's Q.Tips edged Blues by 9-6 due to a solid 4-1 win in the second session to remain in fifth spot whilst Ali Law's Thatch Rockets came from 3-5 down at home to Lorraine's to win 10-5 after a run of seven on the trot. Last but not least they say Pool is a funny old game and no more so was this evident when Freewheelers visited Clonlee who were looking for their fourth win on the trot against their lowly opponents. Remarkably Jordan Peoples Freewheelers won the first thirteen frames of the match and went on to secure a 14-1 victory, Danny McKendry saving Clonlee from a total rout.

League Week 22 - Final League Fixture - Thursday 18th April

Ibrox V Five
St Comgalls V Blues
Q.Stars V Clonlee
Station Bar V Lorraine's 
Q.Tips V Q.Club
Freewheelers V Thatch Rockets

Full table on League App Live"

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Knock Out Cup Semi Finals

The draw has been made as follows for the Knock Out Cup Semi Finals -

Q.Club V Q.Tips (Table 1)
St Comgalls V Q.Stars (Table 4)

Ties played in the Q.Club on Thursday 25th April with the Final on Saturday May 18th, time TBC

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Results from Thursday 4th April

League Week 20

Q.Tips 5-10 Five
Q.Stars 9-7 Blues
Thatch Rockets Clonlee
Lorraine's 6-9 Ibrox
Freewheelers 7-9 Q.Club
St Comgalls 11-4 Station Bar

Bryan McWhirter's Five moved a massive step closer to becoming League Champions tonight after they comfortably overcame a banana skin fixture against a strong Q.Tips side. Session scores were 4-1, 3-2 and 3-2 in favour of Five who entertain second placed St Comgalls next week. St Comgalls have had a fantastic season too and they kept it going tonight with an excellent performance in an 11-4 success over Station Bar. The damage was done mid match when Paul McAlister's lads reeled off seven on the bounce. Q.Stars leap frog Q.Tips into third although they had to win the Play Off frame as opponents Blues had fought back from 5-1 down to force the extra rack. Lorraine's Flyers raced out of the blocks against Ibrox and deservedly led 4-1 after the first session but the Rangers Club team fought back strongly to win the next two sessions 4-1, 4-1 for an overall 9-6 victory. Ryan Scott's Q.Club secured two welcome points after winning at Freewheelers by 9-7 in another tight encounter. And last but not least we had another match that went to a Play Off frame as Francie Gribben's Clonlee registered their third win in succession with session scores of 3-2, 2-3, 3-2 and 1-0.

League Week 21 Fixtures - Thursday 11th April

Blues V Q.Tips
Clonlee V Freewheelers
Thatch Rockets V Lorraine's
Q.Club V Q.Stars
Five St Comgalls
Ibrox Station Bar

McClays Trophies & Engraving 2019 Player of the Year
Full table on LeagueAppLive

With a possible maximum of only six frames per player to go Five's Johnny Nelson is in pole position on 82% to retain the title he won last season. If successful it will be his fifth crown in the last seven seasons

Sunday, 31 March 2019

It's Bill Sr for the sixth time

What a fantastic day in the Q.Club as the 2019 Larne League Individual was played to a finish from an original entry of 50 cueists. And when the 110th black ball off the day had been potted Bill McIlroy Sr had become our League Champion for his sixth time. Bill, one day short of his 56th birthday, didn't have it easy reaching the Final as he just edged past Tyler McConnell and Wayne Lewis in last frame deciders in his opening matches. And as if those ties weren't tough enough he produced a superb comeback from 3-5 down in his Semi Final against a determined Marty Goudie. Waiting in the Final was another veteran 58 year old Robert Hawkins who had come from 0-4 down in his Last 16 match against Gerry McCorry. Hawkins also beat bookies favourite John Kerr and team mate Michael Wilson to reach his second Individual Final. But the match was dominated by big Bill who after going 0-1 down took the next four racks with some great finishing for a healthy 4-1 lead. Hawkins dug deep and pulled it back to 4-4 but McIlroy wasn't going to be denied and he lifted the Trophy after running off the next three frames on the trot to close the match out at 7-4. Big Bill really is like a fine wine, getting better and better with age, don't bet against him making it seven next season. A big thanks to everyone who took part and to our hosts the Q.Club.

John Kerr V Bye
Wayne Lewis 5-4 Stephen McWhirter
Michael Wilson 5-3 Kenny English
Bill McIlroy Sr 5-4 Tyler McConnell
Robert Hawkins 5-4 Gerry McCorry
Bill McIlroy Jr 5-0 Davy Magill
Marty Goudie 5-2 Dean McDonagh
Craig Johnston V Bye

Robert Hawkins 5-4 John Kerr
Bill McIlroy Sr 5-4 Wayne Lewis
Michael Wilson 5-1 Craig Johnston
Marty Goudie 5-3 Bill McIlroy Jr

Robert Hawkins 6-3 Michael Wilson
Bill McIlroy Sr 6-5 Marty Goudie

Bill McIlroy Sr (Five) 7-4 Robert Hawkins (Ibrox)

Hawkins McIlroy McIlroy McIlroy McIlroy Hawkins Hawkins Hawkins McIlroy McIlroy McIlroy

Top photo - A delighted Bill with the League Individual trophy
Bottom photo - Finalists, Robert Hawkins (left) and Bill McIlroy Sr

Friday, 29 March 2019

League & Q.Club donations to NISP

Massive thanks to Larne Pool League and to the Q.Club, Larne for donations to the Northern Ireland Special Pool Section.

In the photo our League Treasurer Alex Irvine (left) hands over a cheque from our League for £100 and another for £400 from the Q.Club to Specials Chairman John Clarke. Both were attending the 25th anniversary year dinner dance since the founding of our Specials section. The evening took place in the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine on Friday 22nd March 2019

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Results from Thursday 28th March

League Week 19

Station Bar 5-10 Q.Tips
Blues 9-6 Freewheelers
Clonlee 9-7 Lorraine's
Five 8-8 Q.Stars
Ibrox 6-9 St Comgalls
Q.Club 10-5 Thatch Rockets

Leaders Five were held to an 8-8 draw after a great performance by an under strength Q.Stars side. It looked easy strolling for Five as they raced into a 4-1 lead but back came Nick McClay's side to win the middle session 4-1 to level at 5-5. And it was Q.Stars who led 8-7 after the standard fifteen racks to force a Play Off Frame but Johnny Nelson finished well to keep Five unbeaten at the top though the lead is now down to four points. Bryan McWhirter's side have still to face Q.Tips and Ibrox as the League comes down to its' business end.
Second placed St Comgalls travelled to Ibrox and came away with both points to keep their faint title hopes alive. The visitors got off to a fantastic start winning six out of the first seven racks and although Ibrox rallied Anthony McCorry won Frame 15 to ensure both points for his team.
Blues great season continued as they consolidated sixth spot with a steady 9-6 home win over Freewheelers. The visitors led 2-0 but Blues fought back to level at 6-6 and went on to win the remaining three frames to ensure both points
Q.Tips had too much for Station Bar in a 10-5 win. Hugo Manson's side won all three sessions with scores of 4-1 3-2 and 3-2 to move into third spot in the table.
Ryan Scott's Q.Club were largely untroubled at home to Thatch Rockets winning 10-5 with session scores of 3-2, 4-1 and 3-2 again. The win puts Q.Club five points clear in seventh spot.
Last but not least Clonlee were taken all the way to a Play Off Frame by Lorraine's, but it wasn't to be for the Pigeon Club side as Conor Matthews sunk the final black for Clonlee for their fifth win of the season.

League Week 20 Fixtures - Thursday 4th April

Q.Tips V Five
Q.Stars V Blues
Thatch Rockets V Clonlee
Lorraine's V Ibrox
Freewheelers V Q.Club
St Comgalls V Station Bar

McClays Trophies "Player of the Year"
Full table on League App Live

Monday, 25 March 2019

Players do our League proud at 2019 NIPA Interleague

A big thank you to all the players and officials who represented Larne at the 2019 NIPA Interleague Events on 23/24th March in Newtownards. Our 'A' Team reached the Knock Out stages after a 2nd place finish in their Group and went on to reach the Final pairing after two good 12-4 wins against Crumlin and Antrim respectively. Unfortunately a strong Carrick team got the better of us but the guys were great all day. In the 'B' Event our B1 side took Gold for an amazing fifth year on the trot. We qualified out of the Group into the Quarter Finals where we beat Ards B1 6-1 followed by a 12-5 success over Carrick B2. Waiting in the Final were a strong Coleraine side but Larne once again rose to the occasion and ran out 12-8 victors. Our B2 team excelled too in winning their Group to qualify directly into the Semi Finals where they lost out to Coleraine by 12-3.

In the photo - Larne B1s celebrate after their fifth Interleague success in a row.

Q.Club Open Handicap Event 13 Draw

P1. Derek Whiteside 6.2 vs 0.2 Robert Hawkins
P2. Bill McIlroy Sr -0.6 vs -1.8 Gerry McCorry
P3. Nick McClay 4 vs 3.6 Rodney MciIhinney
P4. Neil Mcfaul 3.4 vs 2.4 Jim Gilchrist
Prelim 1 vs 6.2 Jean Mcilroy
Ryan McKillop -4 vs 1 Tyler McConnell
Prelim 2 vs 3 Joe Patton
Martin Goudie -4 vs 0.8 Aaron Rolston
Prelim 3 vs -1 Lee McIlreavey
Ian Magill 5 vs 6 Ben Munn McCrumlish
Prelim 4 vs -6 Neil McKelvey
Tyler Mckee 3.4 vs -0.8 Alan Johnston
Chris Carson -2.4 vs 6 Lee McCormick
Joe Bell 5.2 vs 1.4 Paul McAlister
Mark Richardson 1 vs 6.6 Craig Johnston
Ryan Marcus -3.4 vs -7.4 Jonathan Nelson
Lenny Swan 0 vs 1.2 Alan Corrigan
Colin Campbell 5 vs 5.2 Mark Wilson
Eddie Gribben -0.6 vs 6 Alex Irvine
Darren Lowe 2 vs 2.8 Sean Davison

Saturday, 23 March 2019


Now taking entries for Event 13 of our £20 Open Handicap Event.
Draw will be next Monday 25th March at 7.00pm
About 10 days or so per round so plenty of time to play a match.
£50 added to prize fund with 32 paid entries, £100 with 48 and £200 with 64.
All matches races to 11
Deadlines per round
Last 64/Prelims - Tuesday 26th March - Thursday 4th April
Last 32 - Friday 5th April - Sunday 14th April
Last 16 - Monday 15th April - Wednesday 24th April
Last 8 - Thursday 25th April - Saturday 4th May
Last 4 onwards - Sunday 5th May
Any queries about handicaps etc please feel free to get in touch.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Interleague warm up

Hi all. Just a reminder that this Thursday, 21st March, is our NIPA Interleague warm up night involving all 3 Interleague Teams

Format is round robins between the three teams with the top two playing off in the Final for the winner. Event will be handicapped so each team has an equal chance and the winning side will receive £100 to spend this weekend in Ards.

8.00pm start Thursday in the Q. Club

3 or 4 tables will be used for each match with the other team getting free practice on the other 2 or 3 floor tables.

Casual dress code.

Anyone who has to collect a Team Larne polo shirt can pick it up this Thursday.

Minibus leaving from Q. Club car park for players only at 9.00am on the Saturday only.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

2019 Larne League Individual draw

See below the draw for our 2019 League Individual. 50 cueists will take to the green baize and there a few very tasty ties indeed including recently crowned Masters Champion against team mate Shaun McAlister, Ryan McKillop v John Kerr, Alan Johnston v Ryan Marcus and Johnny Nelson against 2019 League Seniors Champion Kenny English. Reigning Champion Dean McDonagh opens up his campaign with a match against Andy McWilliams.




PRELIMS - Best of 7 - Thursday 14th March
01/ Micky O'Boyle 4-2 Rodney McIlhinney
02/ Ryan McKillop 3-4 John Kerr
03/ Gerry McCorry 4-3 Shaun McAlister
04/ Alex Irvine 4-1 Walter Harrison
05/ Sean Davison 4-3 Neil McFaul
06/ Ryan Scott 3-4 Colin Campbell
07/ Andy McWilliams 1-4 Dean McDonagh
08/ Jordan Peoples 3-4 Michael Douglas
09/ Lenny Swan 1-4 Marty Goudie
10/ Anthony McCorry 4-3 Ian McCalmont
11/ Stephen Herron w/o Steven Carson
12/ Davy Magill 4-3 Alistair Law
13/ Jim Gilchrist 4-1 Nick McClay
14/ Wayne Lewis 4-3 Stuart Houston
15/ Alan Johnston 4-1 Ryan Marcus
16/ Johnny Nelson 1-4 Kenny English
17/ Darren Lowe 2-4 Bill McIlroy Jr
18/ Gary McCorry 4-3 Lee Hogg

LAST 32 - Best of 9 - Thursday 14th March
Micky O'Boyle 2-5 John Kerr
Gerry McCorry 5-0 Alex Irvine
Sean Davison 3-5 Colin Campbell
Dean McDonagh 5-1 Michael Douglas
Marty Goudie 5-1 Anthony McCorry
Stephen Herron 4-5 Davy Magill
Jim Gilchrist 4-5 Wayne Lewis
Alan Johnston 2-5 Kenny English
Bill McIlroy Jr 5-1 Gary McCorry
Chris Carson 5-0 Dean Greer
Michael Wilson 5-0 Gareth McIlroy
Craig Johnston 5-0 Jean McIlroy
Stephen McWhirter 5-2 Mark Wilson
Trevor Whiteside 2-5 Bill McIlroy Sr
Robert Hawkins 5-0 Tam Hagan
Tyler McConnell w/o Paul McCann

LAST 16 - Best of 9
LAST 8 - Best of 9
SEMI FINALS - Best of 11
FINAL - Best of 13
Played to a finish on Saturday 30th March, 3.00pm start. Draw at 2.45pm. Re-drawn every round on Finals Day

Monday, 11 March 2019

Transport to Interleague

Could any player or other driving down to Newtownards on either Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th of March for the NIPA Interleague event/s please contact a League Committee member as soon as possible if you have space in your car and can give someone a lift.

Teams as follows -

Larne 'A' Team

Hugo Manson (Q.Tips) (Manager)
Chris Carson (Q.Tips)
Ellis Martin (Five)
Johnny Nelson (Five)
Gerry McCorry (Five)
Ryan Marcus (Five)
Shaun McAlister (Five)
Neil McKelvey (Q.Stars)
Aaron Rolston (Q.Stars)
Marty Goudie (Q.Stars)
John Kerr (Thatch Rockets)
Stephen Herron (Ibrox)
Dean McDonagh (St Comgalls)

Larne B1 Team

Bill McIlroy Sr (Five) (Player Manager)
Alan Johnston (Q.Tips)
Lenny Swan (Q.Tips)
Stuart Houston (Q.Stars)
Michael Wilson (Ibrox)
Robert Hawkins (Ibrox)
Paul McAlister (St Comgalls)
Anthony McCorry (St Comgalls)
Bill McIlroy Jr (St Comgalls)
Gareth McIlroy (Freewheelers)
Dean Greer (Thatch Rockets)
Alan Corrigan (Q.Club)

Larne B2 Team

Micky O'Boyle (Player Manager) Station Bar
Kieran McAlister Station Bar
Tyler McKee (Station Bar)
Rodney McIlhinney (Station Bar)
Danny McKendry (Station Bar)
Ciaran O'Toole (Station Bar)
Nick McClay (Q.Stars)
Sean Davison (Q.Stars)
Ian McCalmont (Blues)
Andy Mackey (Blues)
Gary McCorry (St Comgalls)
Ryan Scott (Q.Club)
Jim Gilchrist (Q.Club)

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Gerry is the Master

Big congratulations to Gerry McCorry on winning his first Larne League Masters Individual title. Gerry took the trophy by winning sixteen frames along the way for the loss of only four. His Final opponent Robert Hawkins had taken out big scalps in Stephen Johnston, Marty Goudie and Ellis Martin but he had no answer to McCorry in the Final. Hawkins won the first rack and had a chance for 2-0 but he didn't take it and McCorry reeled off six in a row with some fine finishing to close the match out at 6-1.

Top photo - Gerry receives the trophy from League Treasurer Alex Irvine

Bottom photo - Finalists Gerry McCorry & Robert Hawkins

Ellis Martin 5-2 Bill McIlroy Sr
Alan Johnston 5-4 Hugo Manson
Marty Goudie 5-2 Kenny Geddis
Robert Hawkins 5-4 Stephen Johnston
Gerry McCorry v Bye
Alex Irvine v Bye
Kenny English v Bye
Rodney McIlhinney v Bye

Ellis Martin 5-3 Alan Johnston
Robert Hawkins 5-4 Marty Goudie
Gerry McCorry 5-1 Alex Irvine
Kenny English 5-0 Rodney McIlhinney

Robert Hawkins 5-3 Ellis Martin
Gerry McCorry 5-2 Kenny English

Gerry McCorry (Five) 6-1 Robert Hawkins (Ibrox)

Hawkins McCorry McCorry McCorry McCorry McCorry McCorry 

Larne B2 Interleague Team

Manager Micky O'Boyle has confirmed his Team as follows. Good luck to one and all, the event takes place in the Queens Hall, Newtownards on Saturday 23rd March

Micky O'Boyle (Manager) Station Bar
Kieran McAlister Captain) Station Bar
Tyler McKee (Station Bar)
Rodney McIlhinney (Station Bar)
Danny McKendry (Station Bar)
Ciaran O'Toole (Station Bar)
Nick McClay (Q.Stars)
Sean Davison (Q.Stars)
Ian McCalmont (Blues)
Andy Mackey (Blues)
Gary McCorry (St Comgalls)
Ryan Scott (Q.Club)
Jim Gilchrist (Q.Club)

Thursday, 7 March 2019

League results from Thursday 7th March

Thursday 7th March - League Week 18
Clonlee 10-5 Q.Club
Freewheelers 0-15 Five
Lorraine's 1-14 St Comgalls
Q.Stars 7-9 Station Bar
Q.Tips 6-9 Ibrox
Thatch Rockets 4-11 Blues

It's as you were for the top two teams as we near the business end of the season in the Q.Club sponsored Larne & District Pool League. Leaders Five and second placed St Comgalls show no sign of taking their foot of the pedal, both winning by huge margins. Bryan McWhirter's Five didn't drop a frame at Freewheelers in a 15-0 rout and Alphonsus McIlwaine's St Comgalls only lost the one as they destroyed Lorraine's by 14-1 in the Pigeon Club. Ibrox jump two spaces up to third after a hard fought 9-6 win over Q.Tips, session scores were 3-2, 3-2 and 3-2 in favour of Michael Wilson's visitors. Q.Stars led 6-2 at home to Station Bar but Micky O'Boyles railwaymen stormed back to win seven from the last eight including the all important Play Off frame for an unlikely 9-7 win. Blues' great season continued as Alex Irvine's lads seen off Thatch Rockets to consolidate sixth spot in the table, session scores were 4-1, 4-1 and 3-2 for the Blues. Last but not least Francie Gribben's Clonlee leapfrog Freewheelers in the table into ninth spot after a 10-5 (3-2,3-2 and 4-1) home win against Q.Club.

Sunday 10th March
League Masters Individual - 1.00pm
League Under 23 Individual - 5.00pm

Thursday 14th March
League Individual Stage 1 - 8.00pm

Thursday 21st March
Interleague warm up

Thursday 28th March - League Week 19
Station Bar V Q.Tips
Blues V Freewheelers
Clonlee V Lorraine's
Five V Q.Stars
Ibrox V St Comgallds
Q.Club V Thatch Rockets

McClays Trophies Player of the Year table
Full table on LeagueAppLive

After a slow start to the season Johnny Nelson has come good and is in pole position on 81.82% to win his fifth crown. Behind Nelson in second spot is Five team mate Gerry McCorry on 77.08% followed by Dean McDonagh on 75.00%, Chris Carson on 72.22% and Andy Arbuthnot on 70.00%. With a lot of the top teams still to meet one another it could be a nervy end for a few players.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Larne League 2019 Individual

The Larne League 2019 Individual opening round/s will take place on Thursday 14th March with Finals Day on Saturday 30th March.

In the photo - Dean McDonagh celebrating with son Leo, will be hoping to defend the title he won in style last year after a great 7-2 success against Ed McDowell in a pulsating Final. Event details below -

What - 2019 League Individual Championship
When - Thursday 14th & Saturday 30th March
Time - 8pm Thursday, Finals Day TBC
Cost - £10
Who - Open to any League registered player who has played in a minimum of three matches (League or Cup) or anyone with a BT40 postcode.
Dress code - Casual

Names to be given to William Irvine, Robert Hawkins or any Committee member.
Players can forward their own names to any of the above or ask their Team Captain to enter them

Deadline for entries is Wednesday 13th March at 6.45pm, draw made 7.00pm in Q.Club

Players entry fees to be paid before draw is made.

IMPORTANT - Could players entering please ensure they are available to play on both dates

Larne B1 Interleague Team

Manager Bill McIlroy Sr has confirmed his Larne B1 Interleague Team for the event on Saturday 23rd March in the Queens Hall, Newtownards. Good luck to all the lads as they go for what would be a remarkable five titles on the trot.

Bill McIlroy Sr (Five)
Alan Johnston (Q.Tips)
Lenny Swan (Q.Tips)
Stuart Houston (Q.Stars)
Michael Wilson (Ibrox)
Robert Hawkins (Ibrox)
Paul McAlister (St Comgalls)
Anthony McCorry (St Comgalls)
Bill McIlroy Jr (St Comgalls)
Gareth McIlroy (Freewheelers)
Dean Greer (Thatch Rockets)
Alan Corrigan (Q.Club)