This database will split players into each category based on their current ability. All players who have played in the last 2 of each of the £20 knockout events will be judged plus any one day events played in the last 2 months. The list will be updated constantly will new players and anyone who moves up and down.

Any player who would like to find out their current level are free to contact the Q Club via facebook or by messaging William Irvine. They will be then added to the database.

This will provide a good guide for every player for each £20 knockout tournament or upcoming one day events that the club will host.

All players are listed in alphabetical order

ELITE (8 players)

Gary Clarke
Brian Crilly
Ronan Fay
Ronan McCarthy
Rab McCullough
Neil McKelvey
Tommy Morrow
Johnny Nelson

A LEVEL (16 players)

Marty Goudie
Michael Kane
John Kerr
Johnny Mackay
Ryan Marcus
Ellis Martin
Shaun McAlister
Gerry McCorry
Dean McDonagh
Ed McDowell
Emmet McGuire
Bill McIlroy Sr
Ryan McKillop
Colin Moore
Sam Newell
Gary Wallace
Lee McIlreavey

B1 LEVEL (31 players)

Ryan Birt
Iain Britton
Neil Campbell
Alan Corrigan
Kenny English
Jim Gilchrist
Eddie Gribben
Paul Harris
Robert Hawkins
Stuart Houston
Barney Hylands
William Irvine
Alan Johnston
Kyle Kirkwood
Wayne Lewis
Davy Magill
Harold McAlister
Paul McAlister
Tyler McConnell
Anthony McCorry
Johnny Murray
Colin Rafferty
Mark Richardson
Aaron Rolston
Greg Stevenson
Lenny Swan
Trevor Whiteside
Michael Wilson

 B2 LEVEL (26 players)

Sean Davison
Gareth Fears
Kenny Geddis
Stevie Hamilton
Lee Hogg
Dave Jones
Joe Larkin
Craig Laughlin
Tiaran Kelly
Andy Mackey
Paul McAlister
Nick McClay
Mary Jo McCourt
Neil McFaul
Rodney McIlhinney
Tyler McKee
Rab McMaw
Micky O'Boyle
Ciaran O'Toole
Ciaran Reid
Ryan Scott
Tristan Scott Heyes
Joe Patton
Stephen Peoples
Aaron Watters
Rab Wilson
Rab Brown
Darren Lowe
James Meredith

B3 LEVEL (54 players)

Keith Agnew
Jim Allen
Hans Anthony
James Atcheson
Richard Bamber
Joe Bell
Corey Burleigh
Colin Campbell
Raymond Cheung
Stevie Ferris
Tommy Fleming
Paddy Graham
Lee Gribben
Francis Gribben
Tam Hagan
Ruari Hamilton
Kenny Hastings
Phil Haveron
Mark Hughes
Andy Hunter
Alex Irvine
Bryan Joesph
Craig Johnston
Sammy Johnston
Ryan Kane
Cory Lee Brett
Ian Magill
John Magill
Willie Magill
Hugo Manson
Conor Matthews
Kieran McAlister
Ian McCalmont
Paul McCann
Gordy McCormick
Lee McCormick
Liam McCorry
Natalie McCullough
Jean McIlroy
Alphonsus McIlwaine
Andy McWilliams
Brian Mennie
Barry Mills
James Mundell
Ben Munn
Kieran Paden
Gary Peoples
Jordan Peoples
Stephen Spence
Jason Tweedy
Paul Watters
Mark Wilson
Derek Whiteside
Liam Young
Roy Cairns
Stephen Peoples