Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Q.Club Flyer this Thursday

With no League Pool this Thursday night 12th April due to the EBA European Championships in Bridlington the Q Club will be running a £5 handicapped flyer.

Start: 8pm
Entry: £5 (all paid out)
Table costs: Free
Format: Knockout
Open: To all

Played to a slightly different format this time. The handicap matches will be races depending on the two players handicap (based on races to 5) with handicaps based on Interleague level so:

A player - 0
B1 player - 1
B2 player - 2
B3 player - 3

However if a B2 and B3 player draw each other then it will +2 vs +3 so B2 player has to win 3 frames to a B3 players 2.

Any players drawing each other of the same handicap will also play a flat Race to 4. This is so we finish in good time as 6 tables will be in use for the flyer due to tables being booked for handicap matches etc.

Anyone running late can enter their name to William Irvine before the draw at 8.00pm and will be entered as long as they are here in good time.

Any queries about format or handicaps etc feel free to get in contact.