Monday, 30 May 2016

Q. CLUB June Handicap

The Q. Club are now taking names for their June Handicap Competition

Players are asked to play matches within listed dates to ensure smooth running of the event. Any players deemed to be holding up the completion of the competition may have a loss awarded against them.

Last 64/Prelims - 1st to 12th of June
Last 32 - 13th to 19th June
Last 16 - 29th to 26th June
Last 8 - 27th to 30th June

Cost is £20 and matches can be arranged direcly with your opponent or via the Q.Club.

Entries to date
William Irvine, Neil McKelvey, Alex Irvine, Robert Hawkins, Colin Moore, Neil McFaul, Andrew Abram, James Meredith, Andrew McMeekin, Joe Patton, Darren Lowe, Rab Butler, Lee Gribben, Ryan Scott, Ian McCalmont, Lee Topping, Gerry McCorry, Gary Johnston, Davy Magill, Tyler McConnell, Dan Clarke, Lenny Swan, Ryan Marcus, Maryjo McCourt

To enter contact the Club on 028 28 268268