Sunday, 8 May 2016

G-Mac League Seniors Individual

Congratulations to League Chairman and Thatch cueist Bill McIlroy Sr on becoming the 2016 Larne Pool League Seniors Individual Champion. The competition was played in the Larne Rangers Club on Sunday 8th May with a field of 18 runners and McIlroy beat fellow Thatch player Gerry McCorry in the Final

Marty Goudie 5-4 Billy Moore
Alan Johnston 2-5 Ellis Martin
Last 16
Marty Goudie 5-4 Ellis Martin
Kenny English 5-0 Barney Hylands
Bill McIlroy Sr 5-2 Stephen McWhirter
Geoff McMichael 1-5 Anthony McCorry
Stephen Johnston 5-4 Rodney McIlhinney
Rab Brown 5-4 Sara Greenberg
Gerry McCorry 5-4 Raymond Stockman
Jean McIlroy 0-5 Eddie Gribben
Quarter Finals
Marty Goudie 5-1 Kenny English
Bill McIlroy Sr 5-1 Anthony McCorry
Stephen Johnston 5-3 Rab Brown
Gerry McCorry 5-2 Eddie Gribben
Semi Finals
Bill McIlroy Sr 5-4 Marty Goudie
Stephen Johnston 1-5 Gerry McCorry
Bill McIlroy Sr 5-3 Gerry McCorry

Final Frames
McCorry McIlroy McCorry McCorry McIlroy McIlroy McIlroy McIlroy