With the summer break well and truly behind us and Leagues starting back up, a few guys have been asking if we will be running any B1/B2 £20 monthly knockout tournaments.
Looking at the Q Club player database I think it’s worthwhile to try and set up a B1 and B2 Knockout.
THESE WILL BE SEPARATE TOURNAMENTS and to make it worthwhile for the players we will be looking a minimum of 16 players in each.
Planning to do the draws next Monday 14th October so anyone interested get in touch.
£20 in
Races to 11 off scratch
About 8-10 days a match (aim to finish in a month)
Based on 16 entries payouts to Semi Finals
Of course any B3 players wishing to give any of these a go is more than welcome plus any B2 player wanting to give the B1 competition a go.
Anyone not on the database feel free to get in touch and I will give you a ranking