Friday, 26 January 2018

McCarthy strolls to 2018 Richard Bowen Memorial victory

At the end of a fantastic day of Blackball Pool in the Q.Club, Ronan McCarthy (Pigeon Club) put his name on the Richard Bowen Individual Memorial Trophy winning twenty nine frames for the loss of only six on his path to success. A never say die effort by Kenny English (Ibrox) took him all the way to the Final but McCarthy was buzzing and ran out five frames on the trot from 1-1 to become 2018 Champion. Lots of great performances by many players but a special mention for 14 year old Ryan Marcus who reached the Semi Final taking out some big names along the way only to run out of steam against Runner Up English.

Top photo - Winner Ronan McCarthy (right) receives his trophy from Martin Stubbs, Richard Bowen's son.

Bottom photo - Finalists Ronan McCarthy and Kenny English with Martin Stubbs (centre)

01/ Stephen Johnston 4-3 Micky O'Boyle
02/ Davy Magill 4-3 Barney Hylands
03/ Marty Goudie 3-4 Ryan Martin
04/ Hans Anthony w/o Glen Ogilby
05/ Eddie Gribben 4-1 Stephen Peoples
06/ Lenny Swan 4-0 Marty Kane
07/ Darren McClelland 4-2 Andy McWilliams
08/ Ian Boal 0-4 Ian McCalmont
09/ Alan Johnston 1-4 Ronan McCarthy
10/ Paul Harris 0-4 Trevor Whiteside
11/ Gary McCorry 2-4 Dean McDonagh
12/ Stephen Burns 4-0 Paul Smyth
13/ Hugo Manson 4-3 Jim Allen
14/ Stephen McWhirter 3-4 Robert Hawkins
15/ Brian Mennie 0-4 Andy Arbuthnot
16/ Ellis Martin 4-2 Iain Britton
17/ Jordan Peoples 1-4 Tyler McKee
18/ Aaron Leslie 1-4 Aaron Rolston
19/ Wayne Lewis 1-4 Neil Campbell
20/ Kenny Geddis 2-4 Alex Irvine
21/ Colin Wilson w/o Sean Davison
22/ Stephen Herron 4-2 Lee Gribben
23/ Tyler McConnell 1-4 Kenny English
24/ Simon McConnell w/o Ryan Foster
25/ Martin Stubbs 1-4 Drew Niblock
26/ Gerry McCorry 0-4 Ed McDowell
27/ Neil McFaul 2-4 Stuart Houston
28/ Darren Lowe 2-4 Ryan Marcus
29/ Michael Douglas 4-2 Corey Burleigh
30/ Anthony McCorry 4-2 Gareth Fears
31/ Nick McClay V Bye
32/ Joe Bell V Bye

Stephen Johnston 4-3 Davy Magill
Ryan Martin 4-3 Glenn Ogilby
Eddie Gribben 2-4 Lenny Swan
Darren McClelland 4-0 Ian McCamont
Ronan McCarthy 4-1 Trevor Whiteside
Dean McDonagh 4-2 Stephen Burns
Hugo Manson 4-3 Robert Hawkins
Andy Arbuthnot 3-4 Ellis Martin
Tyler McKee 3-4 Aaron Rolston
Neil Campbell 4-0 Alex Irvine
Sean Davison 2-4 Stephen Herron
Kenny English 4-2 Simon McConnell
Drew Niblock 1-4 Ed McDowell
Stuart Houston 3-4 Ryan Marcus
Michael Douglas 4-3 Anthony McCorry
Nick McClay w/o Joe Bell

Stephen Johnston 5-2 Ryan Martin
Lenny Swan 5-1 Darren McClelland
Ronan McCarthy 5-1 Dean McDonagh
Hugo Manson 1-5 Ellis Martin
Aaron Rolston 1-5 Neil Campbell
Stephen Herron 1-5 Kenny English
Ed McDowell 2-5 Ryan Marcus
Michael Douglas 5-4 Joe Bell

Stephen Johnston 5-2 Lenny Swan
Ronan McCarthy 5-2 Ellis Martin
Neil Campbell 4-5 Kenny English
Ryan Marcus 5-1 Michael Douglas

Stephen Johnston 0-5 Ronan McCarthy
Kenny English 5-3 Ryan Marcus

Ronan McCarthy 6-1 Kenny English

McCarthy English McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy McCarhy