Saturday, 8 April 2017

League 3 Person Team Championship

Well done to the Q.Club team of Aaron Rolston, Neil McFaul and Kieran Rolston. The trio are the new 2017 Larne League 3 Person Team Champions. After some cracking matches on their way to the final they lifted the title by beating the Ibrox 148s team of Stephen McWhirter, Michael Wilson and Robert Hawkins.

Soggy Baps 0-5 Chalk Er Up
Gers 5-2 Thatch
Q.Club 5-1 No 1 Blues
Ibrox 148s 5-2 Saints
Dolly Mixtures 5-1 Clonlee
St Comgalls 2-5 Feathers
Three Amigos V Bye
Rubys V Bye
Q.Club 5-4 Chalk Er Up
Rubys 5-1 Three Amigos
Gers 2-5 Feathers
Ibrox 148s 5-2 Dolly Mixtures
Rubys 4-5 Q.Club
Feathers 2-5 Ibrox 148s
Q.Club 5-3 Ibrox 148s

Soggy Baps - L.Young, C.Burleigh, C.Matthews
Chalk Er Up - S.McAlister, D.McDonagh, B.McIlroy Sr
Gers - W.Irvine, S.Houston, D.Lowe
Thatch - B.McIlroy Sr, G.McCorry, R.McKillop
Q.Club - K.Rolston, A.Rolston, N.McFaul
No 1 Blues - C.Johnston, A.Irvine, L.Gribben, J.Peoples
Ibrox - R.Hawkins, S.McWhirter, M.Wilson, S.Burns
Saints - R.Butler, G.Crawley, P.McAlister
Dolly Mixtures - C.Wilson, L.Hogg, B.McWhirter, G.Johnston
Clonlee - L.McCorry, F.Gribben, T.McKeown, A.Doran
St Comgalls - A.McCorry, R.Wilson, P.Smyth, Gary McCorry
Feathers - A.Arbuthnot, L.Swan, A.Johnston
Three Amigos - R.Scott, T.McKee, I.McCalmont
Rubys - N.McClay, S.Peoples, D.McClelland