E. Gribben/ L. Gribben 4-2 P. Smyth/ C. Smyth 
F. Gribben/ L. McCorry 1-4 D. Kelly/ D. Ferguson
S. McWhirter/ R. Hawkins 4-3 N. McClay/ S. Davison
A. Arbuthnot/ C. Carson 3-4 G. McCorry/ R. Marcus
R. Kane/ A. Gardiner 3-4 M. Kane/ J. Johnston
G. Fears/ R. McAlinden 1-4 M. Goudie/ K. English
S. Houston/ S. Herron 1-4 A. McCorry/ C. O’Toole
R. Scott/ T. Fleming 4-2 P. Haveron/ G. Peoples
I. McCalmont/R. McIlhinney 4-1 B. McIlroy Sr/ L. McCormick
M. O’Boyle/ K. McAlister 4-3 E. Martin/ A. Johnston
D. Niblock/ W. Telford 2-4 S. McAlister/ D. McDonagh
J. Bell/ N. McFaul 2-4 J. McIlroy/ J. Kerr
A. Irvine/ N. Cowie 2-4 G. Fleming/ J. Patton
N. Campbell/ M. Wilson 4-1 P. McAlister/ G. McCorry
A. Mackey/ T. McKee 4-0 L. McIlreavey/ G. Wallace
D. Lowe/ J. Gilchrist 3-4 W. Irvine/ C. Johnston

E. Gribben/L. Gribben 4-2 F. Gribben/L. McCorry
G. McCorry/R. Marcus 4-0 S. McWhirter/R. Hawkins
M. Goudie/K. English 4-1 M. Kane/J. Johnston
A. McCorry/C. O'Toole 4-2 R. Scott/T. Fleming
I. McCalmont/R. McIlhinney 2-4 M. O'Boyle/K. McAlister
S. McAlister/D.McDonagh 4-1 J. McIlroy/J. Kerr
G. Fleming/J. Patton 2-4 N. Campbell/M. Wilson
A. Mackey/T. McKee 4-2 W. Irvine/C. Johnston

Thursday 30th January
Quarters Finals redrawn in Q.Club at 7.45pm and Competition played to a finish from 8.00pm

In the photo - 2019 Winners Gerry McCorry and Ryan Marcus who are still in the running to regain their title