Friday, 23 December 2016

Larne Interleague 'A' Team

Current Champions - Coleraine & District League

Captain Bill McIlroy has named his Larne Interleague 'A' Team to compete in the NIPA annual event which this season will be held on home soil in the St Comgalls Club. Best of luck lads cracking squad.

Neil Campbell (Feathers)
Johnny Nelson (Thatch)
Ryan McKillop (Thatch)
Gerry McCorry (Thatch)
Dean McDonagh (Saints)
Shaun McAlister (Saints
Bill McIlroy Jr (Saints)
Ryan Foster (Saints)
Pat McAnally (Saints)
Ed McDowell (Ibrox)
Neil McKelvey (Q.Pool)
Raymond Stockman (Q.Pool)