Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Q.CLUB Winter Singles Leagues

Still some spaces left in each Division, contact Club asap to secure your spot. Starts Monday 7th November !!!!

Group stages start -- Monday 7th November 2016
Group stages end -- Sunday 22nd January 2017
Knockout stages -- 23rd January - 9th February 2017
Finals night -- Friday 10th February 2017 (Tables open for each Final)

Format -- Three Leagues, 'A' B1 and B2 (Interleague standard). A player can enter all three if eligible by standard.
Leagues -- Maximum of 16 per League (TBC when entries are finalised)
Matches -- Maximum of 15 per person in group stages (works out at 5 per month). Out of town players can try and arrange more than one for the same night
Races -- Best of 13, 2 points per win
Bonus points -- Winning bonus for reaching 10. Losing bonus for reaching 4 in a defeat
Seperators -- Points, Frame Difference, H2H
Qualifiers -- Top 4/8 TBC depending on finalised entries
Entries -- 'A' League £40. B1 League £20. B2 League. £15
Prize Fund -- 100% payout. All in all out
Rules - Blackball

Handicaps --
All Pros -- will give a 2 frame start to their opponent
'A' League -- All B players playing in the A League will get a 1 frame start.
B1 League -- All B2 players playing in the  B1 League will get a 1 frame start
B2 League -- No handicaps for players playing in B2 League

Either enter in person at the Club or ring William on 07814 006197

T&Cs subject to change