Sunday, 2 April 2017

McIlroy Sr is 2017 League Masters Individual Champion

Congratulations to Bill McIlroy Sr. The Thatch cueist has regained the Masters Individual title he last won in 2015. After a tough path to the final he overcame Feathers cueist Kenny Geddis by six frames to two.

Bill McIlroy Sr 5-4 Robert Hawkins
Barney Hylands 5-2 Mark Wilson
Rodney McIlhinney 5-2 Kenny English
Stephen Johnston 5-4 Raymond Stockman
BIll McIlroy 5-4 Barney Hylands
Stephen Johnston 5-3 Rodney McIlhinney
Kenny Geddis 5-1 Alan Johnston
Scott Hutchinson 5-2 Alastair Law
Bill McIlroy Sr 5-2 Stephen Johnston
Kenny Geddis 5-0 Scott Hutchinson
Bill McIlroy Sr 6-2 Kenny Geddis

Final Frames
McIlroy McIlroy McIlroy Geddis Geddis McIlroy McIlroy McIlroy